Bureau of Land Management protects Oregon’s forests through integrated vegetation management

MEDFORD, Oregon – The Medford District Director of the Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management has approved a plan to promote resilient forests in southwestern Oregon. The Record of Decision for the Integrated Vegetation Management for Resilient Lands Environmental Assessment (IVM EA) was signed on Wednesday. The plan aims to protect forests against fire, drought, insects and disease. It is also designed to improve habitat for flora and fauna.

The forests of southwestern Oregon are fire-adapted ecosystems. Reducing competition between trees allows them to grow in diameter and become more resistant to the impacts of fire, drought, insects and disease. The plan will preserve large trees and reduce the risk of large-scale, high-intensity fires.

“This plan supports the Rogue Valley Fire Community Wildfire Protection Plan,” said Jen Smith, acting district manager of Medford. “The IVM plan is essential to help us reduce the threat and severity of fires in a very large wildland urban interface area.”

By analyzing similar actions in the Medford District, the IVM EA creates a framework to increase the pace and scale of critical resilience treatments. In developing the IVM EA, BLM officials consulted with local tribes, worked with other government agencies, and provided multiple opportunities for public engagement. The BLM will provide additional public engagement opportunities for future projects involving commercial harvest treatments under the IVM EA.

Learn more about the IVM EA by visiting the project website at: https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/123406/510