Bureau of Land Management proposes to expand land setbacks to support Bureau of Reclamation projects in Southern California and welcomes feedback

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Bureau of Land Management is proposing to extend public land setbacks for 20 years for Bureau of Reclamation projects in the lower Colorado basin region. Withdrawals for the All-American Canal, Boulder Canyon, Colorado River Storage, Senator Wash Pump Storage, and Yuma Reclamation projects support water delivery and storage in communities across Southern California and Southwestern India. Arizona.

The BLM and Reclamation welcome public comment on the proposed order and will host a Zoom virtual public meeting regarding this proposal on April 25, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Those interested in attending should pre-register for the meeting at https://bit.ly/3KxhI8U. Attendees will receive information via email on how to connect to the meeting. The BLM and USBR will present information, answer questions and hear comments from 5-6 p.m. The BLM must receive all comments by June 9.

The BLM formally processes land takedown requests for Home Office entities. The order affects approximately 145,600 acres of public land that would remain closed to settlement, sale, location and entry under general land laws, including mining laws.

This action supports the priorities of the Biden-Harris administration to serve families by supporting rehabilitation activities to regulate the flows of the Colorado River; flood control; improve navigation; provide for the storage and delivery of Colorado River waters for land reclamation, including supplemental water supply, and for municipal, industrial and other beneficial purposes; improve water quality; provision of outdoor recreation facilities; improve conditions for fish and wildlife; and the production and sale of electrical energy.

For more information on this withdrawal extension request, please contact Heather Daniels at 916-978-4674.