Bureau of Land Management Distributes $29 Million in Safe Rural Schools Funding to 18 Oregon Counties

The following is a press release from BLM Oregon & Washington.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management is announcing $29.4 million in payments to 18 western Oregon counties under the Safe Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act. Payments are made in lieu of timber harvest receipts according to a formula established by Congress.

“We are committed to sustainable forest management as part of our multiple-use, sustainable-yield mission,” said Barry Bushue, director of BLM Oregon/Washington State. “This work supports local economies and provides family jobs for our neighbors, and with the funds we are able to support essential community services like education and public safety.”

The BLM manages 2.4 million acres of Oregon and California Railroad Revested Lands in 18 western Oregon counties for sustainable timber harvesting. The land is some of the most productive forest land in the world. In addition to sustainable timber harvesting, BLM-managed forests are home to valuable fish and wildlife habitat, world-class recreation opportunities, cultural and historic resources, and wild, scenic rivers.

Of the $29 million, about $2.6 million will be earmarked for Title II cooperative projects. Authorized by the Western Oregon Resource Advisory Committee, these projects aim to improve the health of public lands and may include wildfire hazard reduction, stream and pond restoration. slopes, maintenance of forest roads, dismantling or clearing of roads, control of noxious weeds, improvement of fish resources and wildlife habitat and training and employment opportunities for young people.

County / Total funding of the SRS (titles I, II and III)

  • $776,095.50

  • Clackama $903,107.53

  • Colombia $586,072.40

  • coos $1,831,999.48

  • Curry $1,081,516.90

  • Douglas $8,291,539.65

  • Jackson $4,139,275.20

  • Josephine $3,866,625.33

  • $830,370.72

  • Driveway $4,332,448.20

  • $114,720.29

  • $825,256.64

  • Marion $435,387.38

  • Multnomah 180 $104.98

  • $723,691.54

  • $191,224.81

  • $98,869.30

  • $206,538.90