Bureau of Land Management announces new seasonal restrictions

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Bureau of Land Management’s Shoshone office announced Friday that it will implement new all-terrain vehicles and conditional seasonal restrictions in the Wood River Valley.

The decision is made to minimize any potential impact on wintering deer and elk. No motor vehicles will be allowed from January 1 to April 30 in the following areas:

  • All BLMs land north of East Fork and Greenhorn
  • Southern Aspects of Ohio Gulch
  • From Quigley to Muldoon
  • Mount Bell to Picabo
  • Croy Creek south of Townsend Gulch and Highway 20
  • Big and Little Beaver Drainage Basins
  • Camp Creek and Poison Creek areas
  • Mount Elk region

“As we approach the winter season, big game herds will begin to return to their historic wintering grounds in the valley,” said Shoshone Field Office wildlife biologist Jesse Rawson. “Deer and elk experience adversity even in mild winters, so limiting additional stress and providing secluded winter habitat is important to maintaining healthy big game herds throughout the season. “

This decision also makes it possible to put in place restrictions for non-motorized uses. These restrictions may be implemented if it is determined that the use of public lands has an impact on wintering wildlife.

Any conditional restrictions could place limits on dog and human entry and limit human use to designated summer trail corridors.

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