Bureau of Land Management Acquires 88 Acres of Land in Cougar Bay, Expanding Public Access

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – The Idaho Bureau of Land Management purchased two plots of land near Cougar Bay, securing public access and preserving the area from development.

The BLM purchased the 88-acre parcel of land from Nature Conservancy using $ 1.6 million in land and water conservation funds.

Cougar Bay is located on the west shore of Lac Coeur d’Alene and offers various wildlife habitats. A BLM statement said the purchase aligned with the Biden administration’s “America the Beautiful” initiative, which aims to conserve, connect and restore public lands.

“We have a long-standing partnership with The Nature Conservancy for the conservation of Cougar Bay lands,” said Kurt Pindel, BLM’s Coeur d’Alene District Director. “We are very grateful to The Nature Conservancy for working with us to ensure perpetual public access and conserve important habitat for migratory wildlife and birds.”

“The Nature Conservancy has had the privilege of managing and co-managing Cougar Bay,” said Robyn Miller, deputy director of The Nature Conservancy in Idaho. “This next step in our partnership with BLM ensures that sensitive lakeside wildlife habitat will remain underdeveloped while continuing to provide recreational opportunities for the community.”

Cougar Bay is a popular destination for exploring wetlands, lake shores, and forested hills. With this acquisition, the BLM will acquire an additional mile of hiking trails and official public access nearly a mile from the lake shore.

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