Bommai sets a 3-month deadline for automatic land conversion

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Friday set a three-month deadline for 48 cities to prepare their master plans to facilitate the land conversion process.

Speaking to reporters after holding a meeting with deputy commissioners, Bommai said the lack of master plans in 48 cities is an obstacle to rapid land conversion.

Revenue Minister R Ashoka has already announced the government’s intentions to change existing regulations to convert farmland to non-farm use overnight. “If the blueprints are in place, we’ll be able to do the conversions automatically,” Bommai said.

Ministry of Finance officials said DH that at present, land conversions are done on the basis of affidavits, where the details of a particular case are sent to the Department of Urban Development. “If the master plan is ready, it can be done in a day. Otherwise, clarifications must be sought from those responsible for land use planning, which will delay the case, ”an official explained.

In the meeting with DCs, the CM discussed several long-outstanding revenue issues in the state. One of them was the expectation of requests for regularization of gomal land, due to legal obstacles. The legal department will consider a rule change to resolve this impasse, Bommai said.

In addition, thousands of tax cases are pending before Tahsildar courts and deputy commissioners across the state. These cases have been pending for almost two decades. “At the rate this resolves, it will take another four years to resolve these cases. We will soon be appointing more Tahsildars, Assistant Commissioners and support staff to resolve cases, ”Bommai added.

DCs were asked to conduct surveys in their respective districts to identify the extent of actual forests. “We need to re-examine the cases because in several places, revenue lands have been identified as being considered forests, creating problems for the poor. “

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