2022 Emmys: Potential Outstanding Directing Drama Nominees

There are 237 submissions for Best Dramatic Direction on the 2022 Emmys ballot, resulting in seven nominees. As a reminder, last year’s winner was “The Crown” (“War” from Jessica Hobbs) and the other nominees were “Bridgerton” (“Diamond of the First Water” from Julie Anne Robinson), “The Crown” (“Fairytale” by benjamin caron), “The Handmaid’s Tale” (“The Desert” by Liz Garbus), “The Mandalorian” (“Chapter 9: The Jedi” by Jon Favreau) and “Pose” (“Series Finale” from Steven Channels).

The only eligible returnee from this group is “Bridgerton,” which has submitted three episodes of its second season for consideration. He may find it harder to come back as ‘Ozark’ and ‘Succession’ will be back to reclaim their crowns, having prevailed in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Winner jason batman is back on the ballot for the ‘Ozark’ series finale, after being absent for the third season, and joining him will be his co-star Laura Linney for her debut as a director, with three other directors, including the former candidate Alik Sakharov.

“Succession” also entered a plethora of episodes to consider, one for each director in the season, following the success of their historic turn at the DGA Awards in which they snagged all five nomination spots. They were: Winner Marc Mylod for “All The Bells Say”, Andrij Parek for “What it takes”, Kevin Bray for “Idaho Retired Janitors”, Lorene Scafaria for “Too Much Birthday” and Robert Pulcini & Shari Springer Berman for “Lion in the meadow”. Those same five episodes plus Cathy Yan for “The Disruption” now represents the show on the Emmy ballot, and while it’s rare for all six to enter, it proves “Succession” is bolder in that category, similar to “Ozark.”

That statement can be said for most of these submissions, with “Better Call Saul” submitting all seven episodes for this first half of their final season. However, the show didn’t have much luck in this category, receiving only one directing nomination in 2017 for Vince Gilliganand could suffer the same fate again unless there is enough support for him or one of the other six directors this season, which includes cast members Rhea Seehorn and Giancarlo Esposito make their directorial debut.

“The Morning Show” has perhaps the two best-known veterans of their lineup, with Mimi Leder (“La Amara Vita”) and Lesli Linka Glatter (“Laura”) the two Emmy favorites and last nominated in 2020 for shows that weren’t in the series category: “The Morning Show” and “Homeland.” A third “Morning Show” director has also been submitted, Rachel Morrison (“A private person”).

“Squid Game” is the only major competitor to have a solo entry, being the pilot directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The Korean filmmaker directed all nine episodes of the first season and was therefore only able to submit one.

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“Severance,” “Stranger Things,” and “Yellowjackets” each came in two episodes. Ben Stiller (“The We We Are”) is one of the directors for “Severance” and if the show does well, he’s almost certainly locked in for a nomination based on name recognition, but the director Aoife McArdle (“The You You Are”) could also join him if the voters are really passionate. “Stranger Things” took a lot of risks visually this season with their extended episodes, which could pay off The Duffer Brothers (“The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”) or Shawn Levy (“Dear Billy”). And “Yellowjackets” submitted the first two episodes of the show to the directors Karyn Kusama (“Driver”) and Jamie Travis (“F sharp”).

Finally, “Yellowstone” and “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” both have four episodes up for grabs, but each stand out in Taylor Sheridan and Adam McKaythe former being the creator and writer of all episodes of this fourth season and the latter directing the pilot episode, and was previously one of the few nominations for season 1 of “Succession” for the pilot, at the time when he was not as recognized as he is now.

This branch has been kinder to multiple nominees from the same series, with 2014 (the panel’s last voting year) being the last time all nominees were from separate shows, and 5/7 winners since 2015 have come from the show with at least one other nominee in the category. It’s also beneficial to have directors’ names on the ballot, unlike the writing category, which tends to help more well-known and established actors and directors. Emmy nominations will be announced on July 12.

Here are some of the top submissions for directing drama from top Emmy nominees:

“Succession” season 3
“All the Bells Say” (Mark Mylod)
“The Disturbance” (Cathy Yan)
“Lion in the Meadow” (Robert Pulcini & Shari Springer Berman)
“Idaho Retired Janitors” (Kevin Bray)
“Too Much Birthday” (Lorene Scafaria)
“What it takes” (Andrij Parekh)

“Ozark” season 4
“A Hard Road to Walk” (Jason Bateman)
“Ellie” (Alik Sakharov)
“Pound of Flesh and Still Kicking” (Laura Linney)
“Death’s Cousin” (Amanda Marsalis)
“You’re the Boss” (Melissa Hickey)

“Squid Game” season 1
“Red Light, Green Light” (Hwang Dong-hyuk)

“Separation” season 1
“The Us That We Are” (Ben Stiller)
“The You You Are” (Aoife McArdle)

“Better Call Saul” Season 6A
“Plan and Execution” (Thomas Schnauz)
“Rock and Hard Place” (Gordon Smith)
“Wine and Roses” (Michael Morris)
“Carrot and Stick” (Vince Gilligan)
“Hit and Run” (Rhea Seehorn)
“Black and Blue” (Melissa Bernstein)
“Axe and Grind” (Giancarlo Esposito)

“Stranger Things” season 4
“Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” (The Duffer Brothers)
“Chapter Four: Dear Billy” (Shawn Levy)

“Yellow Vests” season 1
“Pilot” (Karyn Kusama)
“F sharp” (Jamie Travis)

“Pachinko” season 1
“Chapter One” (Kogonada)
“Chapter Four” (Justin Chon)

“Yellowstone” season 4
“Keep the Wolves Close” (Taylor Sheridan)
“Half the Money” (Stephen Kay)
“I want to be him” (Christina Alexandra Voros)
“I only see you” (Guy Ferland)

“Bridgerton” season 2
“Capital R Rake” (Tricia Brock)
“The Choice” (Tom Verica)
“Harmony” (Cheryl Dunye)

“The morning show” season 2
“La Amara Vita” (Mimi Leder)
Laura (Lesli Linka Glatter)
“A Private Person” (Rachel Morrison)

“Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty” season 1
“The Swan” (Adam McKay)
“Who the fuck is Jack Mckinney” (Damian Marcano)
“Pieces of a Man” (Tanya Hamilton)
“Promised Land” (Salli Richardson-Whitfield)

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